So now I´ve got holidays...but for some reason I´m not in the right mood. I´m just feeling a bit down, and I guess you know why. Isnt it all about boys?

There are two of them who drive me crazy...for weeks ^^ I dont know what to do or not to do. Should I tell them about my feelings? I´m a bit afraid of them being shocked or anything and never talking to me again. But if I go on doing nothing this will kill me...

Is there anyone who might help me?

17.7.06 21:49

Hey you...

I hate the time I have to wait for somebody..I always feel stupid and useless at these moments. Or even annoying or anything like that.

Do you know this feeling?

When I get the idea of somebody liking me, I always try my best to do everything for this relationship (no matter which kind of relationship it is..). And as I´m now realizing again, this is sometimes too much... I´m really worried about that, but I cannot stop it, because the more I think about it, the worse it gets...

A vicious circle..

It might be because I´m so lonely and lost in my world, but there is nothing I can do about it... The only thing to save me is


And it seems as if he cannot reach me. There is always something in his way. And thats not fair.

It´s not supposed to sound arrogant - but in my opinion I should get a chance, cause I didnt do anything wrong in my past and at least I learned from the mistakes I made. In contrast to other ones who really hurt me.

Please...give me this chance!

11.7.06 22:05

Itīs a beautiful day...

Hey you...

I´m sitting here in a boring room ^^ Guess you know the song. My weekend was really great but after all I´m though sad. Why do I have to stay here without knowing how my chances are? Yeah, I could go and just try, but I don´t want to be hurt again. And there´s the other one, but much too far away... That´s so not fair!! I want him to come over here and just do what we wanted to do, but had no time. :-*

9.7.06 16:34

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